About Us

OGA is dedicated to developing grappling in Ontario. Our goal is to facilitate growth of grappling through raising participation and the level of compitition as well as certification of trained officials and coaches under the OGA guidlines.

OGA offers insurance coverage for members, and member clubs. We strive to enhance club convened events by providing help in any way; including promotion, registration and hosting.

Clinics are provided by the OGA for Officials interested in certification for grappling. Please check our links for Clinics to check for the next available session in your region.

Contact us for request on providing clinics and certified officials at your next event.

Principles & Code of Conduct

OGA's principles are rooted in fairness of mind to all participants. Good sportsmanship and courtesy to athletes, coaches, officials, members, and non-members in training and in competition.

Reach a state of unity with mind, body, and soul through training, and success will follow.

OGA has issued a code of conduct for events regulated under its standards. For a copy of the complete list of codes, please click on the link below.

OGA Code of Conduct

OGA Regulations

OGA's provides safety and support of playing regulations for many forms of international styles of Grappling and BJJ including but not limited to Grapplers Quest, IBJJF, ADCC, Abu Dhabi Pro, ISGA, FILA. The goal is to harbour and grow the sport of Grappling in its diversity with respect and honor to each established sport form.

OGA has a set of indigenous rules used for Provincial Competitions. For a copy of the complete Playing Regulations, please click on the link below.

OGA Regulations
Grapplers Quest Regulations
IBJJF Regulations
Abu Dhabi Pro
ISGA Regulations
FILA Regulations

Affiliate Events
International Mixed Martial Arts Federation
Grapplers Quest
UFC Fan Expo
FILA Grappling
FILA Grappling
NAGA North American Grappling Association

Abu Dhabi Pro

Mat Militia
Ontario Provincial Grappling Championships
Junior Combat Classic
S7 Submission Grappling
Bushido Grappling Classic
MMA Expo
Grapplers Quest
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